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Someone who helped me

Thank you, Mr. Someone!

A few years ago, My friends and I planned a group work on one of my friend's house. His house is big, with access for internet and supplies. It also had a lot of facilities. There is only one problem: his house is located in the middle of Cimahi, and base from the map he sent to me, in the middle of a dense urban area in Cimahi. At that time, I only know the roads from my house to my school, and from my house to a supermarket.
I told my parents about this and they gave me some money for a taxi. They don;t have enough time to drive me to my friend's house. So I ordered a taxi. But neither I nor the driver has ever drive around to Cimahi, let alone its urban area. While looking at the google map, I realized that  my phone's battery is dying, with its color changed from green as leaf to red as blood. After a while, we found what seemingly looks like the place based on the map, The driver, probably a bit furious because he can't find the place, told…
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One day on a library
Sultan: Hello, where did you get that book? Zhillan: From bookshelf A3. Sultan: Ah, thank you. By the way, I'm Sultan, what's your name? Zhillan: My name is Zhillan, nice to meet you. Sultan: Nice to meet you, too. Where do you live? Zhillan: I live in Cigadung. Sultan: Oh really? I live in Cigadung to! What is the addres? Zhillan: At Pesantren Street. What about you? Sultan: I live at Farmakologi Street. Zhillan: Do you like playing football? Sultan: Of course! Maybe we can join the extracurricular together. Zhillan: What class did you get? Sultan: It's X-MIPA-3 Zhillan: Wow, I'm that class to! Sultan: Let's go to our class. Zhillan: Sure!

About Me

MYSELF I, Zhillan Attarizal Rezyarifin, nicknamned Zhillan, born in Bandung, West Java at 7th of September 2002 am a student of the SMAN 3 Bandung. Previously I am a student of the Taruna Bakti Junior Highschool Bandung.
I have two siblings, one male and one female (other kind does not exist in any way). I lived wiith both of my parents and siblings on Cigadung Permadani Street 3rd Cav., RT 004, RW 006, Cigadung, Cibeunying Kaler, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia 40191.
I like playing strategy-based computer games, money, conservative ideals, good grades, (political) youtube videos, and time with my family. At my spare time, I either play games on the computer or meddling my imaginary nation on the internet.
For 10 years I studied at the Salman Al Farisi Playground, Kindergarden, and Elementary School. After my graduation, I continue my study to the Taruna Bakti Junior Highschool before continuing to SMAN 3 Bandung.
My dreams are to continue to the ITB (with hope that by the time I go there, …