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Harpy Eagle

The Harpy Eagle, or Harpia harpyja, a neotropical eagle, is the most powerful raptor in the Americas. It is first described in the taxonomy in 1758. It is a member of the Accipitridae family, the Order of Accipitriformes, the Aves Class, the Chordata Phylum, and the Kingdom of Animalia. The upper side of the harpy eagle is covered with slate-black feathers, and the underside is mostly white, except for the feathered tarsi, which are striped black. A broad black band across the upper breast separates the gray head from the white belly. The head is pale grey, and is crowned with a double crest. The upper side of the tail is black with three gray bands, while the underside of it is black with three white bands. The iris is gray or brown or red, the cere and bill are black or blackish and the tarsi and toes are yellow. The plumage of males and females are identical. The tarsus is up to 13 cm (5.1 in) long. Despite its enormous size, the Harpy Eagle is not the biggest eagle species ever now…
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On Thursday, 21st of September, every student on the tenth class of SMAN 3 Bandung came to PUSENIF (Central Infantry Weaponry) to join the LDKS (Student Basic Leadership Training). We arrived in the morning at the training field on 7 am. After putting our luggage away, we lined up in the field on the opening ceremony. Then, we entered a building to watched movies and presentations about the army, nationalism, propagandas, fighting for the country, and leadership. We went to the barracks and I got my hair cut. We ate our dinner and watched the presentations again. After that, we slept only to be woken up again two hours later. We slept again to be woken up four hours later, and then we did a lot of exercise. We learned about marching in the fields. We went to the Friday Praying, where we almost unanimously slept in the middle of the teachings due to the unprecedented exhaustion. After a lot of activities, we went to the Cikutra Her…
Sultan's Program next holiday

Zhillan: Hi Sultan!
Sultan : Hi! How are you?
Zhillan: I'm fine, thank you.
Sultan: What are you doing?
Zhillan: I'm planning for my next holiday season.
Sultan: Really? What are you going to do next holiday?
Zhillan: I'm going to travel or explore around a city.
Sultan: Where is it?
Zhillan: In Paris, France!
Sultan: Wow, amazing! With whom will you travel with?
Zhillan: I will travel with my entire family.
Sultan: Are you going to the Eiffel tower?
Zhillan: Of course! You don't have to ask again.
Sultan: How are you going to get there?
Zhillan: By plane, the British Airways.
Sultan: Why would you go there?
Zhillan: Because it is my dream since I was little.
Sultan: When will you go?
Zhillan: This December.
Sultan: Isn't it winter?
Zhillan: I never see snow, so I want to go at winter.
Zhillan: So what are you going to do at your holiday?
Sultan: I will go to Japan.
Zhillan: Wow! With whom will you go?
Sultan: With …

Someone who helped me

Thank you, Mr. Someone!

A few years ago, My friends and I planned a group work on one of my friend's house. His house is big, with access for internet and supplies. It also had a lot of facilities. There is only one problem: his house is located in the middle of Cimahi, and base from the map he sent to me, in the middle of a dense urban area in Cimahi. At that time, I only know the roads from my house to my school, and from my house to a supermarket.
I told my parents about this and they gave me some money for a taxi. They don;t have enough time to drive me to my friend's house. So I ordered a taxi. But neither I nor the driver has ever drive around to Cimahi, let alone its urban area. While looking at the google map, I realized that  my phone's battery is dying, with its color changed from green as leaf to red as blood. After a while, we found what seemingly looks like the place based on the map, The driver, probably a bit furious because he can't find the place, told…



One day on a library
Sultan: Hello, where did you get that book? Zhillan: From bookshelf A3. Sultan: Ah, thank you. By the way, I'm Sultan, what's your name? Zhillan: My name is Zhillan, nice to meet you. Sultan: Nice to meet you, too. Where do you live? Zhillan: I live in Cigadung. Sultan: Oh really? I live in Cigadung to! What is the addres? Zhillan: At Pesantren Street. What about you? Sultan: I live at Farmakologi Street. Zhillan: Do you like playing football? Sultan: Of course! Maybe we can join the extracurricular together. Zhillan: What class did you get? Sultan: It's X-MIPA-3 Zhillan: Wow, I'm that class to! Sultan: Let's go to our class. Zhillan: Sure!

About Me

MYSELF I, Zhillan Attarizal Rezyarifin, nicknamned Zhillan, born in Bandung, West Java at 7th of September 2002 am a student of the SMAN 3 Bandung. Previously I am a student of the Taruna Bakti Junior Highschool Bandung.
I have two siblings, one male and one female (other kind does not exist in any way). I lived wiith both of my parents and siblings on Cigadung Permadani Street 3rd Cav., RT 004, RW 006, Cigadung, Cibeunying Kaler, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia 40191.
I like playing strategy-based computer games, money, conservative ideals, good grades, (political) youtube videos, and time with my family. At my spare time, I either play games on the computer or meddling my imaginary nation on the internet.
For 10 years I studied at the Salman Al Farisi Playground, Kindergarden, and Elementary School. After my graduation, I continue my study to the Taruna Bakti Junior Highschool before continuing to SMAN 3 Bandung.
My dreams are to continue to the ITB (with hope that by the time I go there, …